is your gateway to three historical researchers in the United States, Cuba and Russia.  We can work on a given project individually or together as a team, for instance, finding records about a given Cold War incident that produced records in all three countries.


   We specialize in the national records of our each of our countries from the time of earliest record-keeping until the present. US, Cuban and Russian records date back at least to the late 1700s, through both World Wars until the present.


   Archived historical records include US, Cuban and Russian civilian, diplomatic,  intelligence as well as military records.  We also have access to German military and police records from 1899 - 1945 and can do research in other countries.


How we work:


   We locate, copy and digitize archived historical records of any media for a variety of news media, academics and authors.  Our work ranges from simply finding and copying a few pages of records to multi-year research and digitization projects.


Who we are:

  Tel.: 535-805-0288

Cuba: David Urra Arias,

researcher at all Cuban archives

David Urra Arias

National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Russia: Svetlana Chervonnaya, researcher in Russian archives in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Tel. +7 (495) 916-3706

Svetlana Chervonnaya

Jeremy Bigwood

(202) 361-5000

United States:  Jeremy Bigwood, researcher of U.S.  archives in the Washington, DC. area.